I must say as an Indonesian blogger a deep condolence for those Italian blogger. It’s very difficult for them if the proposed new law regarding blog is approved. A law that forced a blogger to register their blogger to the authority, even as a blogger you need to pay a tax (what a ridiculous law).

We all know, that even though in Indonesia, most people are still not aware of blogging things as it also relevant to that weno-blog are still low in the Internet penetration perspective, but people start aware to the blogs. Even we can say that blogs have become part of our source of information. Sharing each own experience which will be useful to others.

The restriction is somehow, IMHO, against what European always say, a freedom of speech which is a somewhat a great asset. Where people can express their mind and opinion, which of course sometimes create problem. But people can live and be dynamic if they have problem. Just imagine a life without problem? Just like a robot maybe 🙂

I should be grateful, at least until today, blogger from Indonesia are admired, even they can create a big event this weekend so called Pesta Blogger (a Blogger Party), the biggest gathering event for Indonesian Blogger, which I regret I couldn’t make it there. To many restrictions will only make people become rebels. Just let everything goes smoothly.

I hope the proposed law will be rejected.

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