Smile ! You are on candid camera 🙂

See, how great is Ubuntu, one of the Linux Distro which treat human as a real human beings. Even a Bill Gates cannot resist from using it :))

Even though Steve Ballmer keeps saying that Linux did some infringement on Windows’ Patents, but it will not stop us from using our lovely Linux. People will always have the choice, as we follow the nature of human beings, which they always have a choice, as you know already that Life is just a matter of a choice. Even though I’m also a Windows’s User (being forced of course, as it was pre-installed on my laptop), but I also have a choice to use Linux for myself.

Your life (Microsoft) won’t be challenging if you don’t have Linux as your competitor, life without competition will make you (Microsoft) compete yourself each other, which is of course not good for the business. Competition make you alive just like now, isn’t it?

ps: I got these nice pics from here.