For those who quite often surf on the Internet, security and anonymity should be one of your concern. This especially applies when you surf on net cafe, public areas (free hotspots, etc), libraries, or in public terminal (usually located in campuses, airports).

But, usually such tool need to be installed on your PC/Laptops. So, when you are away, and don’t have the privilege of changing/installing something on those PCs, what should we do?


Luckily we have PortableTor (Portable The Onion Router), which will protect you while you are surfing the Net. You can download it here. Being anonymoused and secured of course will protect you more. Because sometimes when people provide you the Net connection for free, they put a packet filter or packet sniffer which will capture all of your Internet activities, which also might capture your sensitive credential. Using PortableTor means, just bring your thumbdrive with you and equip it with the software (the size is only 6535 KB). Run it, and that’s it, you are (more) secure than before.