Saturday 7 April 2007
4.30am : Woke up, took a bath.
5.00am : Had breakfast
5.30am : Went to Boon Lay Interchange Station by taxi
5.40am : With MRT, went to Kranji MRT Station, offered Shubuh in MRT
6.00am : Took 170 from Kranji
6.15am : Wrong Bus ! The bus wasn’t went through Woodland Checkpoint
6.17am : Stopped in the next bus stop after Woodland Checkpoint
6.30am : Walked to Woodland Checkpoint, running in the dark 😦
6.35am : Passed the checkpoint, took 950 SMRT Bus
6.40am : Went through Johor Bahru Checkpoint, stopped by imigration people
6.45am : Imigration officer strated asking me, how is life in Singapore, how much I have to pay in NTU, anything about Singapore and NTU * sigh *
6.55am : I insisted, that I have a plane to catch * finnaly they let me go *
7.00am : Took Shuttle Bus to Senai Airport, I had to pay RM 8
7.40am : Arrived in Senai Airport
7.45am : Checked In, there was a group of people behind me, one of them said on the phone, “Mas, mbake mboten saged mlebet pesawat, kedah wonten serat saking dokter” … Man, this is Malaysia, not ngaYogyokarto 😀
9.25am : Flight to KL
10.10am : Arrived in LCCT, wait for Irving and Wawan in front of MacD
10.30am : Wawan showed up, but Irving still on the way
10.35am : Took lunch in MacDonald, Irving arrived
11.50am : Went to Sepang, to watch the qualification
11.15am : Need to pass Gate C2, all of our food and drinks were not allowed to get in, so we put them off * hiks 😦 *
11.20am : Meet many Indonesian people there, Including Robby Tumewu 😀
1.00pm : Start the qualification, I’m stand for Massa, practice how to take picture of F1 car * so fast, many of my first time pictures is only the road, can’t catch the car 😦 *
3.00pm : End of qualification, Massa in pole position
3.15pm : Need to walk for almost 2 kmto the front gate, cannot get bus, all were fully occupied
3.45pm : Took a rest in Petronas oil station, offered dzuhur and ashar (by jama’ qoshor), got something to eat and drink
4.40pm : Bought ticket to KL central, but felt something wrong gonna happen
5.20pm : Bus coming, but we have to struggle hard to get in as number of bus ticket sold is more than the bus available, my wife almost left, as she can’t moved in to the bus, a nice “Bule” pushed her up while I grabbed her hand inside bus, Alhamdulillah, finnally she got in
7.00pm : Reach KL Central, had some dinner, offered Maghtrib and Isya’
7.45pm : Bought Cap for me, and Sun glasses for my wife, Sepang is soo Hot !
8.00pm : I went to Nilai Station using KTM (commuter train) to get to my cousin place while Irving and Wawan went to Kajang to go to Mr. Zainudin Zukhri Place
8.30pm : Arrived in Nilai, my cousin picked us up, took 8 minutes to get there
8.40pm : Took a rest, had some shower, talking-talking lah …
11.00pm : My wife took a rest, while I’m still talking to my cousin
1.30am : Went to bed …

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