This Sunday, I decide to visit the Mustafa Centre, located in Syed Alwi Road, near Little India. Start from Boon Lay MRT Interchange at 11a.m, and then in OUtram Park Interchange I have to go down, and change to another train which travel to Punggol (the North East Line/NEL). After 5 stations, my journey is end at Farrer Park. If you come here, you should take the F Gate, but today, the F Gate is closed due to some repair work in front of the Gate.

Mustafa Centre is only about 200m from the stations, so you just can go there by walking, choose the birch road. I plan to buy a mini fridge, unfortunately there was no mini fridge there, only bar fridge, so I have to change my plan.

Today, I buy a frying pan, a box of A4 paper, and then a rice cooker. Pretty heavy huh..! But it’s OK. In mustafa centre, you can find anything below one roof, from stationeries to groceries, from computer to handphone, from clothes to wardrobes.

After? going to mustafa centre, I take a walk to Masjid Angullia to take a dzuhur pray. Pretty big masjid, and many india poeple there, I think they are brothers from jama’ah tabligh. I’m not expecting, and I hope didn’t happened, but it happen, the Rain comes after I take a pray, and unfortunately I didn’t bring my umbrella, so no other way than to wait until the rain stops.

If you come to Singapore, don’t forget to come to Mustafa Centre…it’s all here 😀