I’ve tested a connection here, in my room, in the morning around 8am (it’s 7 am in Indonesia you know..), I’m using the Starhub connection with MaxOnline (nebeng punya tetangga gitu loh, menikmati bocoran WiFi), and here’s the result:

Koneksi dari Starhub

This test is conducted by downloading some data from San Fransisco, California, USA, which is located in the Tier-1 connection. So, can you imagine now? How fast can I download applications, movies, emails??? 😀

The second one is bandwidth test result by connecting using Virtual Private Network (VPN) through VPN Gate in NTU (Nanyang Technological University), I assume, like in Indonesia which have IIX Connection, the Starhub and the NTU has a local loop connection, so the bandwidth from Starhub to NTU is unlimited. I test also in the morning which I believe not so many connection request happened. As an information, NTU has 86 Mbps bandwidth, but its shared to almost 26000 people (of course they never use at all the time), the Internet connection is mostly used by student who lived in the Hall of Residence (undergraduate student) and Graduated Hall/Nanyang Valley/Nanyang Heights (Postgrad Student). Here’s the result:

from NTU

So, what do you think? Intend to move to Singapore coz the Internet is so fast?…:-)